My Fourth H Race Experience by Allie Cassarino

I had a great time doing the 4th H Race. I first found out about it at Winter Forum. My friend and I noticed some information on it and decided to present the idea to our fellow 4H club members at our next monthly meeting. A team had to have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 8. Once we had a team we had to decide on a team leader and a team name. Our team name was Pony People and Ashley was our team leader. At the opening event most of our members came. The event was to get the race started and it took place at the Ice House Launch in Maynard, MA, along the Assabet River. You could walk/run a maximum of 2 miles. A few weeks later, one of the teams hosted a roller skating event at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro, MA. A few of my teammates and I went to that event and it was fun but tricky because of the limited amount of friction between the wheels and the surface, which was like an ice skating rink. Then another team hosted a walk but I didn’t go because of my riding lesson. June 3rd was the date of the closing event. Much to my dismay our team didn’t come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Our team ended coming in 4th place which turned out to be not so bad. The closing event was still fun though. There were lots of fun games including a water balloon fight in which I got smacked in the back by a water balloon. There was also a raffle in which I won a 10 gallon fish tank.

Overall I would have to say the best part of the 4
th H Race was that it got me more active; after all the 4th H stands for Health.

- Allie Cassarino